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TITLE; Let Him Go
Saturday, 28 April 2012 | 5:35:00 PM | 0 comments
I feel so down today. Cause i'm thinking of my Crush, Bruce. Sad. Tragic. He will teach in another school soon. Don't know when. But ASAP. Lulz. I wanna stop him but i can't. He need to do his works. K fine. Actually not fine. Ngek.After this, i don't have a guy that i can stalk, smile, laugh at and praise anymore. He will go. Leave me alone.

If i'm good in science, i can teach Bruce and make him stay. But i'm not. Malah bad in science. Lulz. I will lost a cute and nice guy that i've ever met. Honestly, he's better than Aaron. He's the most cute guy and nice and cool and handsome and funny and pious. Can i be a happy go lucky girl after lose him? My heart is broken.

That's why i'm afraid to loving people. Scared that they will go. Fear that lalalala. But i think i just LIKE him. I don't love him. I just like. Like his styles, smiles and face. No one can do like he do. He's the one and only one in my heart. I like you Bruce T.T

How and When i can tell you this :'(

The Heartbroken,


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