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TITLE; He's Gone
Monday, 30 April 2012 | 2:50:00 PM | 0 comments
Today is the day! The day Bruce left school and start to teach in SMK Senai. FTW! Its a hard thing. Really really hard and hurt to accept that i won't stalk him anymore. Won't see his smile anymore. Won't see he laugh anymore. Won't see his cute face. Annoying face. Dia suka buat muka. Really really sad. Act, before he leave, i wanna tell him something. But now . . . . . . . . .  he just left me. I just wanna say like this

"Cikgu, saya sebenarnya stalk cikgu. Hari hari. Saya SUKA cikgu. Saya suka gaya cikgu, muka cikgu, rambut cikgu, cara cikgu cakap, senyuman cikgu, gelak tawa cikgu. Tu je. Tak lebih okay. Bye."

I just keep this in my mind. Say it everyday. In front of mirror. If we'll meet again, i must tell you this bro. Of course it will be a nervous and awkward moment. I don't know wether i can do it or not. I'm afraid. I'm scared. Keep it forever and till you die? MAYBE. Lulz

Just wait him in heaven.
What if we're meant together?
Its about future so let the time decide it.
Its ALLAH secret. I'm just waiting :)

When we lost a good thing, we will get the better one

The Heartbroken,


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