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TITLE; The Purpose
Wednesday, 8 February 2012 | 4:10:00 AM | 0 comments
I LOVE AARON.  I LOVE DIYANA. SO MUCH. You know it right guys? But most people said “If you LOVE someone, don’t just say it. But PROVE to him that you LOVE him so much.”  I’m agreed with that. I can’t just LOVE them. I must show and prove to them that I LOVE THEM. As all you know that every time I wanna join any events of #Aaronators, ‘someone’ stopped me. How I want to show my LOVE if I’ve been stopped? Tell me how?!

I’m not born to be weak! I must get what I want! If I try it, Insya-ALLAH I can get it! Saya bukannya suka suka je nak jumpa diorang. I wanna meet them, I’m not to show off! not to jealous-ing people. not to annoying people! not to makes people cry-ing! not to make people screaming! And not to make people angry!

Do you wanna know why I really wanna meet them ALWAYS? Because I don’t want Aaron and Diyana to forget me! Many of their ‘KIPAS SUSAH MATI’ named Maisarah. I know that name is famous but Hey! Only one girl named Maisarah in this world that LOVE them so much like that! Nobody else like me.

Okay *crying* back to the main story. I’m not Eminem (I’m not afraid). I’m just a little girl without no power but lives with LOVE in her’s lonely world. I’m afraid that AARON and DIYANA will forget me. My face. My style. My LOVE. My smile. My name. I don’t want they forget-ing me! I want they always remember me. Always know I really LOVE them like FAMILY. A brother and a sister. I don’t have any siblings. I’m lonely! When I’m sad, I’m just talking to myself and talking to ALLAH. I need them :(

But no one can understand this. They think i wanna meet AARON and DIYANA cause ‘suka suka’ and without no reasons. No! Its not like that. I have my own dreamz. And my dreamz are be AARON AZIZ and DIYANA HALIK ‘s bestfriend. Amin.

i'Am not acting. i'Am not cheating. i'Am not asking for sympathy. This is reality of my feeling.

Full of LOVE,


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