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TITLE; Give Up -.-
Thursday, 20 December 2012 | 6:27:00 PM | 0 comments
Hey Assalamualaikum. I hope someone read this…..

Im crying right now.Why?Cause I can’t meet Abang Aaron at Nusajaya this 22nd December 2012.Don’t laugh at me silly! You don’t know how it feels cause you cannot feel this situation but I hope you,the one that read this can understand or respect what im feeling. Have tried so much ways but it still not work.Still can’t go meet him.

When I reached home,im just straight to my bedroom,switch on the light,air-cond and the laptop and lay on bed and writing this while crying.Before that, I wrote “JANGAN GANGGU” on a piece of plain paper with red marker and stick it on the door.Doing that cuz im not in my usual mood and im feel so sad :(

I don’t know wether I can meet him or not on next year cuz I have my PMR. Im 15 in 2013. Remember? Lol.Memang sedih yang teramat sangatlah sekarang ni. Tak ada rezeki,nak buat macam mana kan? When the God says NO,it really means NO.Im give up this time.


Some words for Abang.

 “Dear Aaron Aziz,

   Imbroken.Do you hear me? Im blinded. Cause you’re just everything I see.

   I love you like hell. I adore you like hell. I miss you like hell.

   I can’t see you this time. Am I in the hell? The last we met,April.

   I want to see you. I want to be in front of you.

   I don’t want you to forget who isme,Maisarah.

   My face.My voice. You know why I want to see you? Always?

   Your laugh,yoursmile,your joke is reason to be xoxo”

That’s the reason.
Im crying till the last word that i write…

Thank you cuz reading<3

Da One,


Saturday, 12 May 2012 | 9:00:00 AM | 0 comments

YAY! Malam tadi aku mimpi crush aku! Aku suka gila mimpi kali ni. Sebelum ni dah 2 kali mimpi dia. Best jugak. Tapi kali ni yang paling seronok dan paling pelik. Gila gila pelik. Dan gila seronok. Sangat pelik. Seronok gila. Pelik gila nak mati. Seronok nak mampus. Maaf merepek. Lulz

Dalam mimpi tu . . . . . . .
Firstly aku kat dalam kereta kakak sedara aku and tetiba! Tetiba je ada kat dalam kereta crush aku pulak. Kereta dia awak tahu! Realiti dia cuma ada motor. Kaya dah sekarang. HAHA. Biasalah, mimpi kan memamng macam tu. Macam filem Hindustan. Tukar tukar tempat secara tiba tiba. Lulz. Aku duduk kat seat belakang. Yang peliknya, crush aku tu tempat drivenya belah kiri. Kat Malaysia selalu kanan kan. Aku rasa kitorang kat Columbia kot. Lulz. Aku siap tanya lagi, “Kenapa tempat memandu awak belah kiri?” Awak seh :DD . Dia Cuma jawab “Jangan kacaulah *senyum*”

Erk! Tetiba aku kat rumah keluarga Crush aku. Kampung lah kan. Tapi kat situ tak ada family dia. Pelik!!! Tapi aku Nampak orang lalu lalang. Macam bawak dulang ke dapur and pergi keluar balik. Dia pakai baju macam lelaki nak bersanding tu! Siap tanjak, keris, songket segala. Pelik!!! Aku pulak pakai baju kurung. Baju dia warna ungu tak silap aku. Aku oren. Dia nak/dah habis bersanding. Pelik!!! Aku Nampak pengantin perempuannya tapi aku tak kenal. Pengantin perempuanya pakai baju hijau. Pelik!!! Aku dengan crush aku duduk atas sofa biasa.

Aku and Crush aku bergurau senda, gelak ketawa gila gila macam adik beradik. Pelik!!! Aku tak sedih pun dia kahwin dengan orang lain. Pelik!!! Yang aku ingat kitorang gurau cocok cocok badan. Dia cocok aku dulu. Mestilah geli kan. Bila dah geli ketawa bagai nak gila ah kan. Lulz. Then aku pulak cocok cocok badan dia. Dia pula ketawa. Dia ketawa comel gila. Mimpi kali ni memang pelik!!! Siap pegang pegang tangan. Maksudnya bukan ‘anu anu’. Bila orang cocok kita, mestilah kita tolak and tepuk tepuk tangan dia kan. Macam tulah kami ‘adik beradik’. Lulz

Then kitorang ambil gambar. Nak tahu siapa ambilkan? Pengantin perempuannya weh! Pelik!!! Guna camera aku yang kat reality punya pula tu. Pelik!!! Lepas ambil gambar mimpi aku berakhir kat situ sebab aku terbangun. Bila aku bangun tidur je aku terus senyum :DD . Aku tak tahu mimpi ni mainan tidur je or ada maksud, petanda yang tersirat. AKu nak someone pro tafsirkan mimpi aku. Tapi ikut cara Islam lah. Bukan sekadar ‘kata orang orang tua zaman dahulu’. Apa maksud tersirat mimpi ni? Mimpi ni gila pelik!!! Dan sangat bermakna dan gila seronok!!!

#DearCrush I will find out what's the real thing that's been hide in this sweet n freaking freak dream <3

Mimpi bukan sekadar mainan tidur

The freaking freak!


Tuesday, 1 May 2012 | 3:00:00 PM | 0 comments
Its already afternoon. I really miss him. My life in school was like ZERO. Don't know what to do. Before this, when i have some free time, i always stalk him. Search him anywhere. But now . . . . . . . i can't do that all kind of thing anymore! *hentak buku* Because Bruce isn't here! Bruce has left! Bruce has gone!

Sorry for my emotional. I just miss him and wanna he back here. My mind was like lalalala. Bored in class. Superbored! I'm losing Bruce. It's like you loseyour phone. You only got one phone and you lose it. Feel what? FTW?!! Damn?!! and you don't know what to do. Before this you always tweeting, calling, messaging and online using your phone. But now, you lose it and you're really frust! And Bored.

Its the same way i feel. You wanna your PHONE BACK right? 
Me also. I wanna my BRUCE BACK!
You want it!
I want him! <3

We lose it and we search for it back

The Heartbroken,


TITLE; He's Gone
Monday, 30 April 2012 | 2:50:00 PM | 0 comments
Today is the day! The day Bruce left school and start to teach in SMK Senai. FTW! Its a hard thing. Really really hard and hurt to accept that i won't stalk him anymore. Won't see his smile anymore. Won't see he laugh anymore. Won't see his cute face. Annoying face. Dia suka buat muka. Really really sad. Act, before he leave, i wanna tell him something. But now . . . . . . . . .  he just left me. I just wanna say like this

"Cikgu, saya sebenarnya stalk cikgu. Hari hari. Saya SUKA cikgu. Saya suka gaya cikgu, muka cikgu, rambut cikgu, cara cikgu cakap, senyuman cikgu, gelak tawa cikgu. Tu je. Tak lebih okay. Bye."

I just keep this in my mind. Say it everyday. In front of mirror. If we'll meet again, i must tell you this bro. Of course it will be a nervous and awkward moment. I don't know wether i can do it or not. I'm afraid. I'm scared. Keep it forever and till you die? MAYBE. Lulz

Just wait him in heaven.
What if we're meant together?
Its about future so let the time decide it.
Its ALLAH secret. I'm just waiting :)

When we lost a good thing, we will get the better one

The Heartbroken,


TITLE; Let Him Go
Saturday, 28 April 2012 | 5:35:00 PM | 0 comments
I feel so down today. Cause i'm thinking of my Crush, Bruce. Sad. Tragic. He will teach in another school soon. Don't know when. But ASAP. Lulz. I wanna stop him but i can't. He need to do his works. K fine. Actually not fine. Ngek.After this, i don't have a guy that i can stalk, smile, laugh at and praise anymore. He will go. Leave me alone.

If i'm good in science, i can teach Bruce and make him stay. But i'm not. Malah bad in science. Lulz. I will lost a cute and nice guy that i've ever met. Honestly, he's better than Aaron. He's the most cute guy and nice and cool and handsome and funny and pious. Can i be a happy go lucky girl after lose him? My heart is broken.

That's why i'm afraid to loving people. Scared that they will go. Fear that lalalala. But i think i just LIKE him. I don't love him. I just like. Like his styles, smiles and face. No one can do like he do. He's the one and only one in my heart. I like you Bruce T.T

How and When i can tell you this :'(

The Heartbroken,


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